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Helsinki Design Week Exhibition

Elisa Kulma, Aleksanterinkatu 19




The concepts were done as a part of the Form Exploration course and in collaboration with the Finnish electric scooter manufacturer Meeko. The concepts challenge the current electric scooters with their elegance and functionality, and showcase new solutions for urban mobility.


Meeko Mobi Ltd.‘s  mission is to provide high quality solutions for people’s daily transportation use. Our promise is to deliver our mission in a modern and fun way.

In order to get innovative ideas and concrete solutions to challenge existing foldable scooter markets, we sought for cooperation with Aalto University.  We gave Aalto’s Industrial design students no exact guidelines. By delivering the assignment on free hand basis, we wished to come out with  the most innovative and creative ideas and works.

The results  speak for themselves and are highly appreciated.


Samu Saaristo

Meeko Mobi Oy



The design of cars, motorcycles and scooters often stands for strong emotions and personal characteristics which promises something more than the actual delivery. These overstyled products look faster, safer and more luxorious than what they really are. This kind of design is actually not design at all. It is just styling.

The challenge of trying to avoid styling was taken seriously. During the course, each of seven students designed their own vision of electric foldable scooter inspired by contemporary lifestyle and urban environment.

This set of seven fully functional prototypes proves that transportation design doesnt have to play with exaggerating styling elements. Simplicity and understandability can lead to products which are much easier accepted into our environment and this type of design will stand the test of time.


Simo Puintila

Lecturer, Industrial Designer

Aalto University