Title: Adder

Designer: Vili Holopainen

Contact: vili.holopainen@aalto.fi

Adder is an electric scooter designed for the urban commuter. It has an unique folding mechanism which allows a quick transition between an upright position where it is easy to maneuver with one hand. In this position the scooter has least possible surface area and it is convenient when taking the elevator or storing the device.



Simo Puintila - simo.puintila@aalto.fi


Jukka Jokinen - jukka.t.jokinen@aalto.fi

Janne Pärssinen - janne.parssinen@aalto.fi

Vili Holopainen - vili.holopainen@aalto.fi

Antti Käkelä  - antti.kakela@aalto.fi

Sebastian Högnabba - sebastian.hognabba@aalto.fi

Adèle Bohuon - adele.bohuon@orange.fr

Klaudia Kasprzak  - klaudia.kasprzak@gmail.com

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