Title: Joy

Designer: Janne Pärssinen

Contact: janne.parssinen@aalto.fi

Joy aims to bring the sense of excitement to urban transportation. It has an unique lean to steer geometry, which creates a fun, cruising type riding experience with a sideways stance. The geometry of the vehicle allows the most simple folding mechanism – just one pivot for steering and folding. This makes the construction sturdy enough for a stable an reliable ride.



Simo Puintila - simo.puintila@aalto.fi


Jukka Jokinen - jukka.t.jokinen@aalto.fi

Janne Pärssinen - janne.parssinen@aalto.fi

Vili Holopainen - vili.holopainen@aalto.fi

Antti Käkelä  - antti.kakela@aalto.fi

Sebastian Högnabba - sebastian.hognabba@aalto.fi

Adèle Bohuon - adele.bohuon@orange.fr

Klaudia Kasprzak  - klaudia.kasprzak@gmail.com

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