Title: Rush

Designer: Antti Käkelä

Contact: antti.kakela@aalto.fi

Rush is a scooter for the adult in the city. Its simplified design is made to suite the needs of a daily commuter who’s looking for a change in the way they interact with the city they live in. With its arrowlike shape Rush pays an homage to old motor scooters and mopeds. Its gotten rid of everything extra, is streamlined, and it folds neatly into tight spaces.



Simo Puintila - simo.puintila@aalto.fi


Jukka Jokinen - jukka.t.jokinen@aalto.fi

Janne Pärssinen - janne.parssinen@aalto.fi

Vili Holopainen - vili.holopainen@aalto.fi

Antti Käkelä  - antti.kakela@aalto.fi

Sebastian Högnabba - sebastian.hognabba@aalto.fi

Adèle Bohuon - adele.bohuon@orange.fr

Klaudia Kasprzak  - klaudia.kasprzak@gmail.com

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