Title: Tilt

Designer: Adèle Bohuon

Contact: adele.bohuon@orange.fr

Tilt is an elegant electric scooter designed to travel the cities. Its minimalist and slender design induces the notion of lightness. It invites its users to stroll in front of the urban landscape. This idea is reinforced by the driving experience that is pleasant and ergonomic. Its folding system hidden under the deck makes it easy to transport without compromising its design.



Simo Puintila - simo.puintila@aalto.fi


Jukka Jokinen - jukka.t.jokinen@aalto.fi

Janne Pärssinen - janne.parssinen@aalto.fi

Vili Holopainen - vili.holopainen@aalto.fi

Antti Käkelä  - antti.kakela@aalto.fi

Sebastian Högnabba - sebastian.hognabba@aalto.fi

Adèle Bohuon - adele.bohuon@orange.fr

Klaudia Kasprzak  - klaudia.kasprzak@gmail.com

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